CarePortalNJ Agency tips

Quick tips for agencies! Sometimes it just makes sense to partner. Actually, we’d say, most times it makes sense to partner. Learn more about how CarePortalNJ can save your agency time and money and have tremendous impact! Miriam’s Heart has implemented CarePortal, a software platform in New Jersey! What this means is as agencies have…

Lessons from Gideon

  There are three lessons to learn from Gideon. God calls us a ‘mighty hero’ before we are qualified to be called a hero. He sees you and He sees me at my best, the way He always intended us to be. God calls the unlikely and the weakest and the least for His battles….

Rupture and repair

We envision a world where children grasp their preciousness and families are restored. For many of you this is the 6th time you’ve heard me speak on Father’s Day. Listen and learn a little more about ‘rupture and repair’ as a tool to heal and connect in your relationships. ‘In many cases children needing to…

Welcome to Symbibazo

We have designed the space we call -The Symbibazo Center – to specifically meet the needs of children and families! Literally translated from ancient Biblical greek,  “to knit together: in affection, to teach, gather, consider, unite”. The word, Symbibazō carries deep meaning for our children and families.