Sounding the Alarm

It’s time New Jersey leaders say the tough things and begin to hold parents accountable to ensure the safety of their children and to put a stop to the intergenerational involvement in foster care. It’s time to insist on permanency programs that prioritize the safety of children. Why place children in families that have been proven safe and stable only to return them to the biological families to face the same abuse as before. Both national and statewide data align. Foster parents present a low risk of harm to the children in their care.

This is foster care.

Your children will most certainly be affected by your choice to welcome a child into your home. Some of that will be overwhelmingly difficult, and some of it will be wonderful. In the end, it will not be the measure of comfort you’ve provided to your children that will help them to grow into empathetic individuals – it is rather the teaching moments, the hard losses, the responses to injustice, their ability to see things from another perspective, their faith in a God and the belief in redemption – that will shape them.

Children in the foster care system need your support!

Recently, Miriam’s Heart has begun to focus efforts to advocate and edify around the needs of children in foster care here in New Jersey. We have added a Director of Advocacy and Grants. Jessica Sauer, Esq. has spent a bulk of her career standing in the gap to protect vulnerable children in her role as…

CarePortalNJ Agency tips

Quick tips for agencies! Sometimes it just makes sense to partner. Actually, we’d say, most times it makes sense to partner. Learn more about how CarePortalNJ can save your agency time and money and have tremendous impact! Miriam’s Heart has implemented CarePortal, a software platform in New Jersey! What this means is as agencies have…

The Problem with Kinship Care

written by Naomi Schaefer Riley originally published on Published on December 12, 2020 Thanks, but no thanks. That was the message that aspiring foster parents got this fall when they sent inquiries offering their services to the New Jersey Department of Children and Families. According to an automatic email reply from Dawn Marlow, administrator for the Office…

on marching

To begin, I was scared. Fearful that no matter what my intent, my presence could be misunderstood and my purposes thwarted. That my words were shallow. That my experience, privilege, and perspectives were limited. That I might be viewed as a part of the problem (and maybe that was fair?)