Happy Mother’s Day

…setting aside the old normal for this new normal and for rising above in a show of resilience to continue to give care, teach, lead, encourage, nurture, and show love each day.

Preparation, Distraction, and Substitution.

Recently, Elizabeth Occhipinti sat down with Valerie Peña, OT to discuss strategies for preventing negative outbursts. A video recording of that conversation can be found here: Tool kit strategies for preventing negative outbursts Here is one of the strategies to help prevent meltdowns that I help parents create and use. It can be part of…


Today was windy. It was the kind of windy that audibly howls through your house, has the strength to push your car out of its lane, and tears slides off of swingsets (yes, this actually happened at our homestead today). And while stopped at a light, feeling the pressure of this blustery day rocking my…

the unknowing

As foster parents, we seldom get closure and a sense of ‘knowing’ that all will be okay in the lives of the children who pass through our homes. This can be incredibly difficult, and most foster families I know have to work hard to fix their eyes and yield to this lack of closure. Yet…

my fear isn’t based on the reality in front of me

I recently visited an amusement park. My friends and family would probably tell you that this particular park is one of my favorite places in the world. Steeped in my own personal history of childhood wonderment, now compounded with the joy of watching my children squeal with excitement as they swirl through the air, visiting this park is just short of heaven for me.

Each August

With each call we receive, I ask myself, ‘how would I respond if this child were already standing at my door?’ And sometimes I wish they were because it would instantly remove any indecision and replace it with the reality standing in front of me.