CarePortalNJ Agency tips

Quick tips for agencies! Sometimes it just makes sense to partner. Actually, we’d say, most times it makes sense to partner. Learn more about how CarePortalNJ can save your agency time and money and have tremendous impact!

Miriam’s Heart has implemented CarePortal, a software platform in New Jersey! What this means is as agencies have needs, they can input those needs and those needs will be sent out to New Jersey churches and community sponsors who meet those needs – saving you time and money. Case workers can work collaboratively with churches who have resources, support and people willing to help. Case workers and supervisors of the agency can determine whether needs are met directly with the family (with their consent) or to the agency.

Children and families thrive most within a network of support. Historically, churches want to help, but do not now how to do so in a safe way. Now using CarePortalNJ, agencies can ‘quarterback’ needs to churches in their area, manage their teams and requests, saving time and resources.

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