You matter



I got a call today for a family in need of one of the diaper bags we had donated! They had received a little one just last night with nothing more than the clothes on his back.

When we planned the Diaper Bag Drive, we had families like this one in mind. We often see needs and mobilize you to join us as we stand in the gap for children and families. It wasn’t by accident that we planned this drive – it was intentionally responding to several stories we heard from families receiving infants from New Jersey foster care. Each time, this precious little one would arrive with little to nothing more than the clothes on their back. Each time, we engaged in partnership with folks like you to help.

The Diaper Bag Drive is in full swing. Because of you – we have been able to purchase 100 brand new bags – and because of you we are able to delight families with a diaper bag stuffed with everything they’ll need to get them through the first few days when they receive a little one! We’ve also collected dozens of hand-written notes that will be placed in each bag. Ones like the notes pictured above that reads, “Precious child, I prayed for you today as I made this blanket. Love Gramie”, that have been submitted by many hands that have moved to lovingly remind each child that they too matter.

As we are gearing up for Orphan and Stand Sunday this November in partnership with amazing churches and organizations in the Northeast – we wanted to remind you that YOU MATTER!

There are many opportunities to support our work. We truly rely on your generosity as we continue to coordinate and collaborate to bring solutions, comfort, support, and more to children and families! With November being home to Orphan Sunday, Stand Sunday and National Adoption Month, we are preparing for a busy season and continue to see the need for our work in this area! We envision a world where children grasp their preciousness and families are restored. We radically support families who take action on behalf of adopted and foster children. Having recently opened a training and respite center called the Symbibazo Center, we are are expanding our services to children and families. Our space has weekly events, classes, therapy and support and is already filled with life! Our across-the-hall neighbor recently remarked to us, “Ever since you guys came, it is as if you brought light to the second floor.” And essentially this is our goal. May God be glorified as His light shines through the hands and feet that reach out to heal and connect children and families. We are grateful for the Hope that we are anchored to and know that this ‘light’ comes only from the God we serve. May every single action, each event and meeting and all of our gatherings continue to draw children and families to encounter the ‘Light’ our neighbor spoke of.

We could not possibly have brought hope and healing to the second floor without your partnership and we thank you. The move into a space created to provide respite and training for adoptive and foster families was nothing short of miraculous. Many of those little miracles came in the form of silent prayers and small acts of obedience to move and give toward our work. We know that you have sacrificed to support our work. Your sacrifices matter. You matter.

If you feel led, we invite you to partner with us in a deeper way. We currently have an urgent need for $3000 to create better access for families; we need to improve the pathways for children and families to receive from us. Why? Because they too matter.

Help us to remove barriers and simplify things for them. Your continued help would allow us to host simulcast trainings and events with our partners from Show Hope, Empowered to Connect, and more!

The people we serve desperately need us to provide ease of use and facilitate support for them. Would you consider how you might partner deeper with us as we look for ways to eliminate any obstacles for them? 

Just like this family that reached out today, we know that many more will follow. Will you join us as we wade into the deep water with the families we serve?

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