What was He thinking…

The idea for this post came to me while driving home from Children’s Hospital this morning. I had forgotten to call for Bart’s appointment and so I got stuck with the 7:30am slot. I was so proud on our way to the hospital–I wasn’t stressed, I was adequately prepared with drinks and snacks and toys, and we were only 15 minutes late which is really pretty good for us. We even took a selfie at a red light to document this beautiful day. Joshua marveled at the sunrise and we took it all in with gladness in our hearts. The resounding thought in my heart? We are going to be okay.

In case you’re wondering how the morning’s appointments went, let’s just say the ride home was a lot different. Quiet, somber, lonely.

I fought back tears as my inner mantra began: Suck it up. You are fine. God is good. You are strong. You are tough. You signed up for this. God called you to it. You can handle this.


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(This blog is taken from the original post on Searching for Sacred on the Terhune family blog)


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