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Searching for Sacred

Bart dedication - glasses

Before we adopted our son we knew he had an undiagnosed genetic syndrome,

We didn’t know how unique and individual his personality would be.

We knew he had vision challenges,

We didn’t know how desperately we’d long to see the world through his eyes.

We knew he had kidney disease,

We didn’t know how diseased our own hearts were.

We knew he was in an orphanage for 4.5 years,

We didn’t know how much we would ache for those lost years with him.

We knew he had speech delays and spoke a different language,

We didn’t know how easy it would be to communicate love with a laugh, a song, and a snuggle.

We knew he had developmental delays,

We didn’t know how delayed our own spiritual development was.

We knew he had challenges with eating and growing,

We didn’t know the intense joy and pride that could be felt…

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