Just where He wanted you

Have you ever had a moment that you realized that you were just where God wanted you? On a day marked with multiple frustrations and madness, I felt the world swirling around me, my enemy mocking me and spent most of the day in a full pursuit to fix my eyes on God to get me through. It is often in the ‘little’ things that I can get distracted, disappointed and dismayed. And yesterday was just one of those days.

Following a wacky morning where it felt my kids had stayed up late to conspire against me to coordinate their efforts; they got their morning cardio in by running toward their bus as it sat waiting for them at the corner. I was on hold with an airline for over forty minutes, which caused me to get to my class late. And I kept re-adjusting my focus, seeking God’s purposes while the day seemed to be slipping through my fingers. Couple the chaos with a bit of vomit on the floor and a missing wallet and you are beginning to see the direction things were headed. I continued to try to find Him in even those moments.

What do you have for me today, Lord? Show me what you want me to see?

But the day dragged on in the very same manner. Lots of little things…

I stopped for gas, turned my car off and numbly slid through the social media updates on my phone. The kind attendant handed me my receipt and said, “Have a great day Ma’am” and I replied, “Thank you, you too” and turned my key to start my van. Nothing. My car would not turn over. If you haven’t ever gone to Costco for gas, you need to understand that the gas line there is just about as efficient as a military drill. With every ticking second, and every attempt to restart my car, I felt my heart beginning to race. The folks behind me weren’t pleased that I was wrecking their orderly gas purchase and blocking their line. Two attendants pushed my car out of the way to relieve the pressure from the folks who clearly felt that they were more affected by my car not starting than I was (I mean really, no one wanted that car to start more than me!) and Costco attendants brought over a jump kit (note to self…just one more reason to love Costco!). They got me on my way and I called AAA on route to my house. You see, the attendant at Costco explained that they’d come out to diagnose my problem for me.

I will spare you the rest of the details and simply explain that when the AAA mechanic arrived at my house, we began to chat about the little things.  He was in the market for a new van as he and his wife had a new baby and wondered about how we like ours? I talked about my family, the number of kids we have and of course brought up adoption. He stopped – finishing up the replacement of my dead battery – and looked me squarely in the face and said, “my wife and I want to adopt, would you tell me more about that?” In that moment, I knew that the entire day, week, years before had been ordained to bring me to this place, with a God-appointed conversation with this young man about adoption!

My day hadn’t been easy, but it was sure made easier knowing that God had a plan. The trials, annoyances and tests of my daily life didn’t change that He was ordaining a moment for me to share about adoption with this young family. That likely meant He was allowing me to have some difficulty to bring about His plan.

We can spin our wheels and continue and get battered by this world.

Our circumstances may not change much but when we affix our eyes, what does change is our participation in the scope and scale of God’s sovereignty.

Knowing that despite the messy and ugly day I’d been having, God had a purpose in all of that that. He was perhaps allowing me to go through it so that the timing would be just right for me to put into place the pieces to allow this family to embark on their own journey with Him. When I went back over the day, I realized that despite the little annoyances and trials; He was there. Each and every situation He had provided me with a solution that immediately met the need.

It made me wonder how often I allow these types of days to fully destroy my perspective and miss His wonderful ways? How often I lose my temper, get discouraged and act like a brat – unwilling to bring my frustrations to Him?  How often I call this type of day- as we so often do – an attack – giving the full attention and focus to our opponent,  I am reminded of this verse, “…In this world, you will have many struggles but take heart, I have overcome the world (John 16:33 emphasis added).

It always was and always is a part of His plan – and we are so often – just where He wanted us to be.

Me and my crew…in the van

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