In 2011, Miriam’s Heart met and discussed having a night of worship. Our intent was that in creating an environment that facilitated true worship, we would draw attendees closer to the heart of God – and that in doing this – we would be able to bring the truth about the millions of children and families around the world that need help.

Now in our 6th concert event, this small coffee house event has grown to something beyond our wildest dreams.  

Despite this our goal has remained precisely the same. 

As Christians we often can be heard saying The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few – and we leave it there. This is the verse we so often hear  at church when no one shows up to volunteer in children’s ministry or the ushering crew that shows up week after week becomes discouraged that no one else is stepping up- this is the verse we use to explain OUR lack of faithfulness. In our work, we can often get caught up feeling very much the same – where is everybody?

But the verse doesn’t end there. Here is what Jesus actually said:

 He [Jesus] said to his disciples,“The harvest is great, but the workers are few…. SO PRAY to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask Him to send more workers into His fields.”[emphasis added] Matthew 9:38, 39

This sentiment spoken by Jesus is not meant to remind us of the failures of humility, to justify a lack of faithfulness on our part and to make an excuse as to why in a world with so many Christians living in prosperity that the hungry, lonely, naked, sick, widowed and orphan still live among us?

This verse was spoken to the disciples in the midst of a literal crowd of need – and Jesus’ command is clear – He tells us to go to God – a God who is in charge – and ask Him to send more workers #IntoHisFields. As we each draw closer to the heart of God, our hope is that we might consider,

Maybe that worker He is going to send into those fields is me?

This year, the Into His Fields Concert features special musical guest, Christy Nockels! Christy Nockels is a wife, mother, singer, poet, songwriter and the familiar female voice of the Passion Conferences since 1996! Her music and her message are centered on one thing and one thing alone  – Jesus.

We think you should be there




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