One Year

My precious-hearted sister in law and sister-in-Lord Alicia Terhune has joined our team as a ministry advisor in communications. She will be sharing her heart by blogging on topics relating to Trust based relational intervention, connected parenting, special needs adoption, and will reveal a candid approach and fresh thinking to this thing we call a ‘walk with God’. Journey with us as we approach the heart of our Heavenly Father as He calls us into the ‘deep waters’.

Searching for Sacred

“You and I were never meant to be complete.  Could we just be broken together?”

The Sunday before we left for the Philippines I heard God speak to my heart.  He said something to the effect of “You have no idea what I’m about to do…the ride I’m about to take you on.”  It sounds ominous, but it wasn’t.  But it wasn’t all joyful either.  I was left with a sinking sort of feeling, but also an excited sort of feeling.  Kind of the way you feel as you chug up the first hill of a big roller coaster.  You see we thought we were going to the Philippines to adopt a child.  We would bring him home and love him and make a family and that was the goal, the purpose, the plan.  That was the adventure.  And it was.  And it still is.  But it has been…

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