The ache of Motherhood

I have come to realize that motherhood is deeply connected to tears – the joys of motherhood and the sorrows – can render us desperate and despondent; Aching for our children and families in a way only a mother can.

The silver souvenir

This past Spring break, we had the opportunity to take our youngest kids to Italy. This once-in-a-lifetime trip was part work and part play, and we were thrilled to enjoy a day in the hills of Ostuni, the iconic Valle d’Itria, to silversmith together. It was a fabulous time and marked my favorite memory of spending…

People will take advantage

People will take advantage. It is in our nature to do so. Yet, we set our faces like a flint to the work God has prepared our hands to do, with an unwavering commitment to the kids who need us to stand in the gap. Just like our namesake who stood amidst the mud and reeds, surrounded by injustice, Miriam saw fit to prioritize the safe placement of a child into his family. We remain ready to engage to do what is right regardless of the circumstances that surround us.

Summer Love

We can hardly believe it, but we are HALFWAY through 2022 (as of July 2), and to be honest, time is flying! We have been hard at work scaling our programs with the development of CarePortal in New Jersey, the Child Advocacy Association of New Jersey (CAANJ) as well as Heart & Co, a youth-led…

Spring Forward

Spring 2022 Newsletter Did you know that our brains are wired to work precisely the way that God intended them to? Let me explain. We are commanded in scripture to ‘take our thoughts captive (2 Corinthians 2:5) and allow ourselves to be ‘transformed by the renewing of our minds’ in Romans 12. Believe it or…

Sounding the Alarm

It’s time New Jersey leaders say the tough things and begin to hold parents accountable to ensure the safety of their children and to put a stop to the intergenerational involvement in foster care. It’s time to insist on permanency programs that prioritize the safety of children. Why place children in families that have been proven safe and stable only to return them to the biological families to face the same abuse as before. Both national and statewide data align. Foster parents present a low risk of harm to the children in their care.

Summer Newsletter

Miriam’s Heart is a grassroots New Jersey based non-profit founded in 2009 that radically supports children who’ve been adopted or placed into foster care and their families.

This is foster care.

Your children will most certainly be affected by your choice to welcome a child into your home. Some of that will be overwhelmingly difficult, and some of it will be wonderful. In the end, it will not be the measure of comfort you’ve provided to your children that will help them to grow into empathetic individuals – it is rather the teaching moments, the hard losses, the responses to injustice, their ability to see things from another perspective, their faith in a God and the belief in redemption – that will shape them.